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COVID-19 virus has had a major impact in our community and especially for the older adults living at Linwood Place.  Our tenants who already live with age related social barriers such as vision or hearing loss, the inability to drive, age related cognition concerns, mobility issues, etc, were suddenly faced with an unforeseen obstacle.

Out of concern for their health and well-being, tenants are sheltering in place in their apartments.  Social programs in our community room have been cancelled.  There are no more community meals, card playing, art programs, worship services, book clubs, intergenerational activities, yoga and exercise classes.


To minimize COVID infection to their elderly loved ones, family members and friends refrain from visiting. 

Not only are the older adults in our community isolated, they are lonely! 


Loneliness is proven to accelerate the aging process and all the declines that accompany it.  Symptoms of loneliness include increased depression, anxiety, paranoia, low energy levels, sleep issues, dietary problems, and negative feelings including suicidal thoughts. 

The entire staff,  board of directors and our dedicated volunteers are working hard to provide a social connection with our tenants by making phone calls,providing care packages, notes of encouragement and visiting one on one using safety protocols including social distancing.   Our Care Coordinator meets with our tenants to answer questions regarding medical concerns about COVID and other age related issues.   Our staff is socialization to improve the physical and mental wellness of our older adult community.